Learn How to Use Post Formatting to Write More Effective Blog Posts

Check out this post to see different ways you can use post formatting to style your posts. Adding post formatting can make your posts look more attractive to read and you can even add call to actions and note boxes with ease.

Use the Blocks editor to add different kinds of elements like lists, headings, images, note/alert boxes, email forms, and many other elements. The idea is to make blogging easier for you by giving you an easy to use visual editor.

Take for example a box to list the pros of something, like in a review:

My Review’s Key Points

Pretend this is a book review and you are listing the key points/chapters of a book you are reviewing on your site. Here’s what this box could look like with simple design options.

  • Bulleted list item #1
  • Another list item
  • Third bullet point
  • …and more!

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To help add structure to your blog posts and make it easy for your readers to scan through the post, use headings to create large title that captures a readers eye. For best practices, use h2h5 and never use h1 in a post!

Here is what a large headline looks like

….and just like that I have a new section in the post with an easy visual cue.

Take time to learn this editor as you will spend most of your time here and really take advantage of the visual features. Make your browser window as big as you can to get the full experience and watch as your words are typed out in this editor exactly as they will appear on the front of your site!

That’s all for now, but hopefully this is enough to show you the potential of post formatting.


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